If you’ve just got engaged, the thought of planning a wedding can feel incredibly overwhelming. That’s why it’s a good idea to do it slowly so you can start ticking off the most important jobs one by one.

Perhaps the most important task to sort out first is where you would like to hold your Big Day, which means deciding what type of venue you want.

Here are some suggestions to get the ball rolling:


  • Country House Hotels

Whether you’ve been to five weddings or 50, the chances are you’re no stranger to a country house wedding. There are many reasons for the soaring popularity of this type of venue for nuptials.

Firstly, they boast beautiful views of the countryside, which is great for wedding photos and afternoon drinks on the lawn. Many also allow you to get married there, saving guests from travelling between venues, and those that double up as hotels enable friends and family to stay at the site without having to find separate accommodation.


  • Castles

However, you might want to stand out from all the other weddings you’ve been to. In which case, why not consider hiring a castle to rent in the UK? You might overlook this option believing it to be too lavish or out of your budget, but you may be surprised once you start looking into these venues, with many being more affordable than you would think.

Having exclusive use of a castle is incredibly romantic and allows all your party to stay together throughout the entire day. They are also steeped in legacies and stories, making them a popular choice for history buffs.

And obviously, the views of both the interior and exterior of the castles are stunning – perfect for fantastic wedding photos!


  • Jumbo Jet

Why not consider something really unusual for your wedding venue, like a jumbo jet? Your guests will almost certainly never have celebrated nuptials or danced the night away in an aeroplane before – particularly one that doesn’t leave the ground.

At Exclusive Use, you can enjoy your reception in the only 747 plane for hire in Europe, with the structure fitting up to 250 people standing. Obviously, the chairs have been stripped out, leaving a blank canvas for you to decorate according to your wedding theme.

It also comes with 50 acres of surrounding land, so you could hire a separate marquee for added space or to allow your guests to enjoy two venues for your wedding.


  • Abroad

The alternative is to head abroad for your Big Day. Many brides and grooms are tempted to jet off to save themselves from a lot of the stress of wedding planning, from family politics to guest list struggles.

However, there is another great reason to choose a destination wedding and that is the choice of venues available overseas. Many choose idyllic beachfront locations in the Caribbean to tie the knot, while Italian villas are also incredibly popular.

Additionally, French chateaus, Austrian castles, and Moroccan riads are growing in favour among brides and grooms, with these venues really standing out from the rest.