Planning an important event is always a challenging task. Let’s face it, even though we try to perfectly plan everything, things never really go as we expect them to. And that’s completely normal. Ensuring that we’re being prepared for things to go wrong is just a part of the game. Which is why we created a list of useful tips to guide you through the event planning process with ease and leave your guests impressed and inspired.

Begin Early

Always ensure to have enough time to get everything in order. Having a vision and a plan of action will be your first steps to a fantastic event. In order to get inspired, you can make a vision board. You can also take advantage of Pinterest and similar websites to achieve a general look at the event. Then, start planning a course of action – create a timeline of tasks and list of people who will help you elevate the event to the level it needs to reach.

Assign Responsibilities

Now that you know who’s helping you, make sure to divide the tasks according to what the individuals on your team are good at. It’s always nice when you can match what they’re good at to their preferences as well, as people who feel like they’re heard will always perform their jobs with more passion and drive.
Make sure to create live shared documents which will be accessible to all at all times. It might sound irrelevant but it will actually ensure that everyone knows what their tasks are at all times and they can take responsibility accordingly.

Start Booking (a Backup Plan is Crucial)

Now that you have a timeline, a course of action and everyone knows what they should be doing, it’s time to get to work. Always start with searching and booking your favourite setting, as you don’t want your ideal venue to be taken on the dates when you need it. Then, move on to all the other providers eg. venue dressing, catering, music, photographer, and so forth. As you don’t want to be left in an awkward position, always make sure to have a backup plan.


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Be Social

Whether you’re planning a birthday celebration, big wedding, corporate event, or any other important get-together, being present on social media is crucial. Take pictures, videos, and write about how the preparation process is going. Even if you’re not planning to publicise the event, everybody loves a good “behind the scenes” sneak peak.

Do a Run Through

Every performance has a dress rehearsal and so should you. Everyone who is a part of the event needs to not only know their role in the event but also know how to perform it to a T. Therefore, put your duck in a row and practice the ins and outs of the event. It will help you see the little details that you might have missed before and will be able to perfect them before the actual event.

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Your job is not quite finished when the event is. Following up with people who attended the event, those you worked with, and anyone else you’d like to thank is very important. Thanking people for coming, while providing them with images of the event will not only result in you receiving important feedback on your work but will also leave your guests with warm feelings and nice memories.

Good luck!