The venue is what people care about most on their wedding day – Survey results

Weddings are very special occasions. However, as anyone who has planned one will know, they can take quite a bit of organising! From the wedding breakfast to the evening entertainment, there are lots of different elements to consider, find, book or buy.

But what matters most to the bride and groom? To find out, we asked 1000 people what is the most important thing about their wedding day. Surprisingly, only one person said the dress!

What do you care about on your wedding day?
1. Venue (35.4%)
2. Reception (24.5%)
3. Food and drink (18.3)
4. Other – see below (8.9%)
5. Invitations (7.9%)
6. Decorations (5.0%)

‘Other’ responses include:
• Everyone being happy
• Family and friends
• Getting married to the woman I love
• The groom
• Church service
• The dress
• The vows
• Starting a new life

Alongside the main options, we gave people to the chance to tell us what they thought was most important. Rather sweetly, many people answered their new husband / wife was what they cared about most. However, overall the venue came out on top with 35.4% of the votes. We think the reason for this is the venue sets the tone for the entire day. It needs to fit in with the theme, cater for all the celebrations and leave a lasting impression on guests.

country house weddings
Here at Exclusive Use, we’re often approached by couples looking for an extra special wedding venue. After talking with them about what they want, we help them pick the perfect location for their big day – whether that’s a fairytale castle or a romantic manor house. Hiring the venue exclusively ensures the happy couple have complete privacy plus the freedom to let their creativity flow.

Here are some of our stunning wedding venues:
1. A traditional castle can be soooo romantic ….

norman style castle with views across a lake

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2. Or maybe you’d prefer a more modern castle ?
seaside castle exclsuive use venue with turning circle at night

3. A country manor house can be very grand

Stately home with lake and bride and groom in autumn
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4. Or go for something rather more chic

a country manor by a lake in the lake District
Whatever your style find out more about our luxury wedding venues here.