If a big birthday is creeping up on you then it’s time to throw a party, and if it’s a REALLY BIG birthday then it’s got to be a REALLY BIG party! And if you truly want to impress your guests then it has to be an exclusive use party, with the place all to yourselves.

Planning a party

The first thing to decide on is the venue and where better to wow your guests than a castle.  This charming Tudor castle is a perfect example of an exclusive use venue where you and your guests can experience being Kings and Queens for the day. It’s an exceptional experience to have the place to yourselves, with staff to wait on you as royalty would expect, and with no other guests around you can plan the party just as you want it.


Greet your guests on arrival before they are shown to their bedchambers to settle in.  It’s a good idea to mix everyone up before the entertainment starts so why not gather them together on arrival for some quick introductions, mix them up into teams and let them get to know each other a little better over an activity or two.  A treasure hunt can inspire some gentle rivalry and provide some fun entertainment, just make sure the clues aren’t too hard, and you may need a tie-breaker!

Exclusive party activities

A grand occasion requires glamorous attire so ask your guests to dress to impress, be it black tie, diamonds and tiaras or ball gowns.   A champagne or cocktail reception will start the evening off well and get everyone in the mood, and with exclusive use you’ll have a selection of rooms to choose from.   Dinner can be whatever or wherever you want it as the whole event will be bespoke to you – we went for the Castle Dining Hall ……

Dining in a castle

Later you and your guests can spread out and relax, in front of the fire, on the lawns or over a game of billiards.  The place is yours and there’s no-one else to worry about.  Absolute bliss – it’s really worth reaching that Big Birthday!  Where will you hold yours?

Hire an exclusive castle