There’s nothing more indulgent than a long soak in a deep bath. Maybe it’s the anticipation and time taken to fill the tub and ensure the temperature is just right, or perhaps it’s the fact that it gives us some peace and quiet from a busy day. Whatever it is, a luxurious bathroom with a feature bath is a highly sought-after attribute in any property.

We’ve picked out a few properties with that all important indulgence. Lie back and read on ….

bathroom with pretty hand painted wallpaper


This is one of the prettiest bathrooms we’ve seen. The walls are decorated with hand-painted birds and flowers for a truly beautiful back-ground to your soak. The roll-top bath gives an air of traditional elegance and, as a real show-stopper, the positioning of the bath affords stunning views over the sea.

roll top bath with antique chair
Simple elegance, what more can we say …..


a bath tub overlooking the trees
This lovely bath in the trees has a natural beauty. There’s treehouses and then there’s luxurious treehouses ….


Roll top bath and ornate double sink

The luxury of space – if only we had the room to show off a bath to such perfection.

his n hers baths with views
There are times when a bit of company is allowed or even desired, but not necessarily in the same bath. The solution? Go for his and hers baths, the ultimate luxury.

shiny copper bathtub with views

A bath can be a thing of beauty – except when you are soaking in this stunning tub you can’t see the shining copper sides.

sunken bath in bay window with views of parkland yorkshire hall
This is a most unusual feature, an enormous sunken bath in the window of a luxurious suite. With only sheep in the fields surrounding the Hall you don’t need to worry about being over-looked.

Whatever your bathroom style you can indulge in luxury.  So lie-back and enjoy before the party starts!