A growing number of millennials are choosing to finance their weddings alone, despite being offered help by their parents.

The Huffington Post reported on the trend, noting that many millennial couples would rather foot the bill themselves than rely on family and friends to help them pay for their big day.

A study by wedding planning app Bridebrook found that there has been an 18 per cent fall in the number of couples aged 25 to 35 years old who are getting assistance with the financial element of organising their nuptials.

The news provider spoke to a number of people in this age group who are either planning their wedding or who got married recently about why they’re taking on the financial responsibility alone.

Charlie Smith, 32 from Brighton, who got married towards the end of last year commented: “We just didn’t want to put the burden on my parents, we didn’t have a lot of disposable income lying around to splurge, but neither had they.”

Another couple, Anastasia and Ryan Wilson told the news provider that it felt like “the natural thing to do”.

It seems that parents having less involvement in paying for weddings also means they are less involved in organising the big day overall. The survey found that 44 per cent of mothers are getting involved in planning this year, compared to 52 per cent in 2017, while among dads this figure is 11 per cent, down from 13 per cent last year.

Hamish Shephard, founder of Bridebrook, told the news provider that another reason why millennials are turning down help from their parents could be because they want to have ‘Instagram-friendly’ weddings, which often cost more.

By not accepting financial help, they therefore don’t have to feel guilty if they splash out on unusual wedding venues that may cost a little more than traditional options but which will give their big day the wow-factor they’re looking for.

Mr Shephard commented: “It becomes clear that people are approaching their own weddings much more as a party they are hosting for their loved ones, than vice versa.”

As well as couples looking for unique venues for the ceremonies that capture their individuality, there are a few other trends to watch out for in weddings in the coming year.

Earlier this month Etsy released its wedding trend report, in which it suggested that we’re going to see more pet-friendly weddings popping up, as well as a shift away from the rustic country look to an ambience inspired by American southwestern style – think mini cacti, desert-inspired decor and Arizona sunsets.

Alternatives to the traditional guestbook are also growing in popularity, the website noted. It highlighted a 53 per cent increase in searches for ‘alternative guestbook’ on its platform, noting that couples are exploring ideas like puzzles, games and globes that are more display-worthy than a standard book.

Another decor trend is for minimalist, clear acrylic items, ranging from place settings to signage. The website noted that this particular trend has such a neutral nature that “there’s no wrong way to incorporate acrylic accents into your big day”.