Is one of your best girl friends getting married some time soon? How about throwing her the most outstanding luxury hen party? Hosting a party that everyone will talk highly of can be quite tricky when you do not have any previous experiences. 

We want to make sure that your luxury hen party lives up to its full potential. We want you and your girls to have a superb time with an abundance of precious memories to cherish. Therefore, we have compiled a list of fun ideas and complementing activities to include to make your extraordinary.

Book a luxurious Exclusive Use venue

In order to make your luxury hen party as unique as possible, it is important that you and your girls find a venue suitable to your taste and budget. Choose something everyone agrees on and that has lovely facilities. We offer immaculate Exclusive Use venues all across the UK and also abroad. You will be delighted to find facilities like hot tubs, heated swimming pools, games rooms, and rooms boasting elegance and grandeur. Enjoy lots of space, home cinemas and spas within these houses and find a suitable house no matter what your requirements are!

Activities to complement your luxury hen party 

Depending on what the bride-to-be enjoys the most, a super fun activity can be chosen to make your hen party unforgettable.

Spa Weekend 

One of the top choices amongst hens is a luxury spa weekend. Take a weekend to relax, unwind, crack jokes, and spend quality time with your girls. Hire professionals to come to your Exclusive Use venue or have a DIY spa weekend. Many of our Exclusive Use venues come with spas so you do not have to leave the comfort of the venues. 

Makeup Masterclass

If you and your girls are fond of makeup, how about a fun makeover with makeup masterclasses? Hire a professional to give you makeup tips and give you a stunning makeover before you and your girls can head for a night out. 

Fancy Food 

Who doesn’t love a 3-course gourmet meal? If you and your girls are foodies, head to a nice restaurant to enjoy some gourmet food. If you have made the right choice of celebrating your luxury hen party at one of our impeccable venues, hire a caterer of your choice to serve you some delicious food. A meal with the girls would give each of you the opportunity to re-bond and spend quality time together. 

Afternoon Tea Bridal Shower

All of our Exclusive Use venues come with the perfect social spaces for the girls to come together and have an afternoon tea party. Save an afternoon for the bride-to-be to open presents and have a classy tea party. 

Cocktail-making/Wine tasting 

If you are looking for a more scandalous hen party, how about making the drinking even more fun? Cocktail making classes or wine tastings are a super fun way to get a little tipsy with your girls before heading into the city for a night out. 

Now that you know how to make your luxury hen party legendary, start planning!