The Big Day has now become even bigger. There was a time when getting married meant a short journey to your local church followed by celebrations in the village hall or pub. Today, the options available to the bride on her wedding day are limited only by the scope of her imagination – your special day can go exactly the way you’ve always dreamt – can’t it?

The wedding day has arrived and the celebrations are in full swing, enter stage left a group of rowdy party-goers announcing loudly: “Sorry! Wrong room!”’. It had all seemed too good to be true, of course the fairy tale is shared. It doesn’t have to be. The answer? An exclusive use venue. Your special day should only be for you and your guests; exclusively yours. After all, wedding celebrations should be all about the newly married couple, with none of the everyday compromises of reality to intrude on their happiness. Exclusive use of a venue truly allows you to make your dream day a reality, uniquely created and styled by you.

romantic royal scottish castle

You can be king and queen of the castle, whether you’re in an actual castle hidden away in the rugged Scottish Highlands or it’s a more relaxed regal affair in a stately home, all with complete privacy assured and no disruptions from outsiders. It’s that one day when all your loved ones gather together from the far corners of the world to celebrate you. No need to include any strangers at your wedding.

sn outdoor wedding

Exclusive use of a venue not only allows for the unique opportunity for your friends and family to stay together in the same location but also provides the chance to re-strengthen old bonds and for two different families to get to know each other within the privacy of own home away from home. A private and relaxed space to make this happen seems natural. Why not have free reign over a property for the whole weekend so everyone can really get to know each other in a more relaxed setting? A large private house couldn’t be more perfect for this.

weekend wedding

The logistics of planning a wedding are often overlooked, anything from providing a peaceful space for elderly guests to containing the antics of small children are essential factors in arranging a seamless wedding. Taking over a property exclusively takes away these unknowns and provides flexibility for you to use the venue as you wish. Exclusive use of the venue also guarantees that the staff’s only concern is you and your guests with no other parties competing for their attention, allowing you to get hitched without a hitch.

bride and groom overlooking formal garden

Deciding on a venue is the difficult part, everything from the age of the property to the location to the décor affects the mood and atmosphere of your special day; the venue is the canvas on which you create the unique event you and your guests will never forget. Choosing to go exclusive gives free reign to your creativity, free from the constraints that usually accompany a shared wedding venue. Therefore it is important to get it right. This often involves hours of sifting through piles of brochures and magazines looking for the perfect, well, everything. Allow us to guide you through the maze, just one short phone call to our friendly team will reveal a world of stunning venues for your exclusive use.

Exclusive Use South Downs Wedding Jump for Joy

‘Once in a while, in an ordinary life, life gives us the fairy tale’. Exclusive Use for your wedding is a unique gateway to your very own happy ever after.

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