Christmas is just a month away and we are all getting excited to spend our holidays with a blast. Christmas vibes put a smile on people’s faces because let’s face it…tis’ the season to be jolly! The snow-covered grounds, beautifully decorated Christmas trees and the children whispering to each other about what they want from Santa, give us a gush of happiness in our hearts. There is nothing like a fun Christmas party – bonding with your loved ones, making new friends, singing Christmas carols, and our personal favourite…opening your presents!

Hosting a Christmas party can be challenging in terms of which venue to choose, what theme to have etc. Furthermore, you need a sufficient amount of time planning this party to make sure its fun for all your guests. If you’re thinking of hosting a party that will be remembered for a lifetime, let us help you with these lovely inside tips!

Plan ahead of time

Well, you’re in luck! You still have a month left and plenty of time to make this Christmas party legendary. Invite your guests at least 2-3 weeks in advance so that they are mentally prepared and keep that date free. Furthermore, pick out a specific date that is convenient for all your guests. Do not host this party on Christmas Eve or Christmas day because guests are likely to not show up. Consider 2-3 days after Christmas!

Choose a venue that is accessible to all your guests. Our Exclusive Use venues are grand and would serve perfectly for a Christmas party. While choosing the venue, keep in mind your budget and the number of guests you are inviting.


How would you make your party the most enticing and leave your guests impressed? Well, pick out some lovely Christmassy decorations. You could choose colours like red, green and gold or silver, green and blue. Both give out very Christmassy happy-feel vibes and will put a smile to everyone’s faces as soon as they walk in. Make sure that you choose specific parts of the venue to decorate in an organised fashion so it does not look haphazard. You can also hang a Christmas sock or candy cane wreath on the door! Additionally, you might want to decorate a Christmas tree to set the vibe the most.

Food & Drinks?

Do not prepare the food too far in advance because you might risk it going bad. If you are hiring a caterer, make sure you have a festive food menu like salads, chicken, apple pie, etc. For drinks, make sure there is a multifarious choice with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for everyone.

Christmas activities – the best part!

Make a playlist of the top Christmas carols so that you and your guests can sing together. Additionally, click here for a lovely list of easy to implement Christmas games. Save some time to open the presents and maybe organise secret Santa before so that the number of presents to buy is limited to 1 and things are made more interesting.

Now that you are ready to host a legendary Christmas party, start preparing for this big day.