Planning your luxury wedding is bound to be time consuming, stressful, and needs a great deal of patience. Everyone wants their wedding day to be flawless, but many have absolutely no clue where to start! What they do know is that it is inevitable that they sort out their budget. But if you want your wedding to be the dream wedding, how can you do that with money constraints? You will be surprised to know that it’s doable and quite easy. With these simple steps, you will be able to plan a fairy-tale wedding from out of a Disney book on a budget.

Follow these steps

  • Instead of choosing a traditional wedding reception venue that will cost you a fortune, you could pick a luxury Exclusive Use venue in England or abroad for your big day. In this way, instead of having a wedding day, you could have a wedding weekend or even a wedding week. Our Exclusive Use wedding venues offer grand decors, spacious reception rooms, luxury bedrooms, and mesmerising views of the rolling British countryside from every room. These sumptuous houses are situated in gorgeous UK locations with lots of greenery that serve as perfect backdrops for photos. The morning after the wedding, eat a large breakfast all together and relive the memories. In this way, you can also spend more time with the people you care about. Instead of spending too much on a traditional wedding reception venue, you get the opportunity to have a holiday along with a wedding in a grand house.
  • To make the atmosphere of your wedding party look posh, pick a royal colour theme and stick with it all throughout. Choosing colours like champagne, white, beige, off-white, baby pink, baby blue, or light green not just match with everything but also add a very luxurious touch to the environment. This is easy and doesn’t require you to spend a lot.
  • Pay attention to the lighting because the lighting can make or break your wedding. A nice dim yellow lighting can add lavishness to your event at a very low cost.
  • Instead of having a sit-down dinner party, organise stylish hors d’oeuvres. This is bound to save you money on catering and the amount of food needed. Make it more of a cocktail party where guests can socialise, and this should help you with your budget.

Now that you have some cost-cutting tips, how can you make sure your luxury wedding is successful with happy guests? In order to make your wedding day special, make sure you make it personal. Everything you choose, from the venue to the dishes you want to serve to the table linens. If you leave everything in the hands of the wedding planner, it will be just another wedding with a different couple. Pay attention to detail and make sure you create an experience for your guests. Make sure you pick the right entertainment and make interactions with your guests. No one likes to be sat on a table with no entertainment!