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Here at Exclusive Use, we have a hugely eclectic array of different party venues on offer so no matter what it is you’re looking for, you know we’ve got you covered. Generally, people think that the bigger the better but sometimes it pays to look for something on a more intimate scale… and again, we’ve got you more than catered for with the smaller venues we have on our books.
But why would you choose to go intimate and not big, bold and beautiful with your next event, whether it’s a big birthday bash, a corporate affair or your forthcoming wedding.

A clear benefit of hosting a smaller party is that you’ll have more time to spend with your close friends and family, able to speak to everyone throughout the evening. Bigger events mean that you have more people to schmooze and you may not even get through them all before the event has drawn to a close.

It’s also often a lot easier to book a smaller venue because the big ones get snapped up so quickly. Chances are that if you have an extensive guest list, you’ll struggle somewhat to find a venue that will accommodate them all and tick all your other boxes as well. It’s possible that you’ll end up having to go with a venue that you wouldn’t have chosen otherwise.

And then, of course, another big plus with hosting a smaller party is that you’ll be able to keep costs to a serious minimum. With fewer people to feed, you’ll have a lot more surplus cash to spend in other areas, such as the decorations and entertainment – or even the venue itself.

Another benefit of thinking smaller with your next event is that you’ll be able to thoroughly enjoy every aspect of the day itself. With weddings in particular, the happy couple often say that although they loved it they feel that it all went by in a bit of a blur… and that’s no surprise when there are hundreds of people there all clamouring for their attention.

Pare it back just a little and you might just find that the day becomes a lot more enjoyable and you can sit back and really take in all your hard work. Because let’s face it, that’s exactly what party planning is!