Castles and Forts

Here is a selection of ideal forts and castles to rent for a house party. These historic properties will add a regal grandeur to your stay.

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Why Castles Are The Best Options For Your Next Event

It’s vital that you pick the right kind of venue for your next event, whether it’s a corporate affair, your next big birthday or a wedding. But unfortunately, there are so many different places you can choose from these days that it can prove incredibly difficult to make up your mind.

What you might not have considered before in the past is booking a castle or a fort, particularly if your event has a theme to it. There’s nothing like a beautiful old building with a sense of history behind it to really impress your friends and family, or to really wow your delegates at your next corporate event.

Here at Exclusive Use, we have a wide range of different towers, forts and castles for you to pick from – and you’re not restricted to venues in the UK either. We’ve also got beautiful old buildings across Europe for you to have a look at as well, so if you did have plans in mind for an overseas event then we’ve got you more than covered as well.

You could, for example, go and see our castle nestled in the stunning Austrian countryside. It dates back to the 12th century and is perfect if you want to combine some outdoor activities with your event. There are golf courses to enjoy, the Danube valley to explore, hiking opportunities, white water rafting… you name it, it’s got it.

Or you might be more taken with our coastal tower in Scotland, a simply beautiful 15th century Scottish castle that boasts 34 en-suite bedrooms (so plenty of accommodation for you and your guests) and there’s also a Tree House that is believed to be one of the biggest in Europe – ideal if you want a secluded and romantic night away from it all.

Should you prefer to stay in England, take a look at our Tudor castle, one of the prettiest to be found in the country and one that boasts its very own moat and proper drawbridge. Imagine your guests arriving at the 13th century castle to be greeted by such a sight… your event will be memorable already and it won’t have even properly started!

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