It’s a sad fact of modern life that we create a huge amount of waste on a daily basis, so much so that we’re putting undue stress on this wonderful planet of ours.

And wedding ceremonies are certainly not exempt from this, creating potentially huge amounts of waste… but the good news is that there is something you can do about it and you can throw an eco-friendly wedding if waste is becoming an increasing concern for you and your other half. Here are some top tips to help you go about it.

Ask for donations as presents

If there’s a particular green charity that you’d like to support but perhaps haven’t had the means to do so properly as yet, why don’t you ask your friends and family to make a donation in your name to help further their cause?

Forage for your flowers

Get the bridal party together and go for a forage in your local woods to see if there’s any fauna you could take away with you to help you reduce the amount of flowers you need at your venue and reception space.

If you know you definitely do want lots of flowers, at the very least ensure that you shop seasonally and you’re not importing lots of blooms to help keep your carbon footprint under control.

Go digital

Instead of sending out invitations, which uses a lot of paper with the save the date, invitation and the RSVP card, why don’t you do everything online instead? You might lose a little bit of the romanticism but you’ll be helping the planet a lot.

You could perhaps just have a couple of samples printed out for you and your other half if you want to have something to put in a frame for your photo wall at home later on.

Give wild flower seeds as favours

A lovely little present for your guests could be some wild flower seeds in biodegradable packaging. Ask friends and family to scatter them at home or in their local park, a brilliant way of helping to encourage more bees and other insects.

Feed bellies, not bins

Find an ethical catering option like The Real Junk Food Project, which provides wedding parties with food that retailers and supermarkets can’t sell, turning it all into delicious dishes that will certainly keep your guests more than well fed.

Apparently, £100 saves 250kg of food, which means that one tonne of carbon will be saved from the environment. And 250kg of food can feed up to 500 people, so you may find that you save yourself a pretty penny by going for this as a catering option for your upcoming ceremony.

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