There’s been a lot of wedding talk this week in the news, especially for outside of the summer season, and venues abroad are the big focus. In fact, it’s all about India when it comes to the most lavish celebrity weddings at the moment, after news that India’s richest man hired Beyoncé to perform at his daughter’s pre-wedding celebrations. Yes, that’s right, not even the main wedding, the pre-wedding!

According to BBC News, it comes as part of a recent ‘oneupmanship’ with extravagant Indian weddings, as progressive wealthy families look to outdo each other. The wedding, which took place on Wednesday 12th December, certainly lived up to its warm up, so here’s everything you need to know about it.

The thing that most people are obsessed with is the cost of the wedding – after all, Beyoncé’s private gig fees start at £2 million, however there’s some question over what the Ambani’s have spent on the big day. According to Bloomberg, wedding experts have estimated that from start to finish, the wedding has cost at least $100 million, yet they also quote an anonymous source close to the family, who said that they’ve haven’t spent over $15 million. While it’s still a pretty impressive figures, with a net worth of nearly $50 billion, this is a drop in the ocean for an important social event.

This cost is thought to include the five 5 star hotels for guests and 100 chartered flights, as well as over 61,000 meals donated to the people of Udaipur in gratitude for hosting the wedding. The wedding did face a little criticism because of the lavishness of the affair, in stark contrast with some of the poorer local communities.

However, while the pre-wedding celebrations accommodated over 2,000 guests, including the who’s who of India film, sports and politics, the wedding itself saw the guest list trimmed down to close family – with just 600 guests making the cut.

The venue for the Ambani and Piramal’s nuptials was Ambani’s residence, a place called Antilia, but this doesn’t mean its your everyday back garden wedding. After all, Antilia is thought to be the second most expensive mansion in the world, second only to Buckingham Palace, and has 27 floors, a staff of 600 and multiple helipads, so is plenty capable of handling the large wedding event. The mini sky scraper was decorated for the event, which could be seen from the outside.

While Piramal arrived by a vintage Rolls Royce, the bride’s brothers awaited his arrival on horseback.

While we’ve got the first photos from the big day, so far we don’t have a lot of actual details about the main wedding ceremony itself, however, it’s been promised to be a big celebration of Indian culture with many traditional elements.

The wedding is not over yet either! The reception is held on the 14th December at Jio Gartdens in Mumbai, and far from a normal reception, the couple are putting on a music concert for their guests, so who knows who will turn up to perform – it promises to be another star-studded event.

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