There’s something thrilling about staying in a haunted house. Creaky floorboards and the rustling of trees outside in the wind are instantly transformed into something more malevolent. Are the eyes of the portrait following you round the room? Whose footsteps are those outside the door?
With the witching hour nearly upon us, we think it is the perfect time to find out more about the ghostly inhabitants of some of our venues.


de Ramseia suite

Our East Lothian Castle in Scotland would make a fabulous Halloween party venue – and not just because of the striking exterior. Many guests have reported supernatural experiences during their stay, including moving objects and footsteps during the night. With a dungeon lurking below the walls, it’s easy to think something spooky might be going on.

stay in a haunted castle
A number of ghosts are said to roam round the castle. The ‘Grey Lady’ has been spotted on the turrets, and another ghost is also said to roam the grounds. He met an unfortunate end when he was starved to death in 1342!

a coastal tower for an evening bonfire

Standing forlornly on the dramatic Scottish coastline, this Coastal Tower hides a number of secrets.  The impressive oak panelled Great Hall and elegant Drawing Room have retained their ancient and historic characteristics, however, those coming to stay have all the modern facilities one would expect from a world class hotel.  While guests soak up the serene atmosphere, the Tower’s permanent resident certainly isn’t at peace. In the 15th century, a long-running feud between the owners and another family caused them to abduct the beautiful daughter. It is said she either jumped or fell from the tower whilst trying to escape. Today she appears as a lady in a long red ball gown with black hair………


castle at night

Steeped in history, this regal Castle offers plenty of intriguing tales for spook seekers. Sadly, no famous kings and queens have made an appearance yet, despite this Tudor castle’s strong connections with royalty. However, Mary Tudor, daughter of Henry VIII, spent time here as a teenager with her pet greyhounds. Many guests have been shocked to see the spirits of these dogs wandering through the rooms.  The most active ghost at this Gloucestershire Castle is thought to be Jasper Tudor, Duke of Bedford. This mischievous spirit appears to have taken a dislike to women working on the first floor. Back in Jasper’s day, this area was reserved for gentlemen only. He expresses his disapproval by turning on the photocopier and pushing objects off shelves onto unlucky staff members.


halloween dinner
Happy Halloween!