Making your corporate retreats stand out can be challenging especially because you need to make your employees or coworkers willingly want to do it. Every company wants to plan a retreat that everyone will remember and talk about at lunch breaks after, and reminisce the good memories while working better together. Corporate retreats are critical for enhanced teamwork and increased productivity. What most companies that do not indulge in corporate team buildings don’t realise is that corporate getaways help bring employees closer to one another while building strong relationships and getting rid of any passive aggression that possibly exists amongst some of them. As they speak to each other and start to create a bond, the way they work together in the office space also changes as they become more comfortable around each other. 

Getting out of the working environment helps employees to open up relatively more and brings out new ideas. You will be pleasantly surprised by how positively it affects employees. Why not bring some healthy competition into the group and have some team building activities? You could try gin/whiskey/wine tastings, cocktail making, chocolate making, pottery or activities that break the ice or more adventurous activities like body-zorbing, zorbing, archery, clay pigeon shooting etc. If you want to do something out of the box, you can also do a corporate retreat abroad to impress your employees and bring that wow-factor. 

If you’re wondering how to host your memorable corporate retreats, we have some inside tips to choose the perfect venue that will help you host them in a way that will make your employees happy and give them an opportunity to create a special bond.

Discover nature

Choose a venue in the countryside away from the hustle and bustle of city life. This will enable you to recharge your batteries in a place considerably different than your working environment. A getaway in nature is always refreshing.

Put away the electronic devices

A digital detox is a great way to have lovely conversations and pay more attention to who is around you and what they are all about. Once you’re back in the workspace, you will realise how much this benefited you. 

Feast together

Make sure to have hearty meals together because food brings people together and while you sit altogether and eat, you get the opportunity to crack some jokes, converse and make memories filled with laughter. 

Play games

Play some games that involve different teams so that you can work on problem solving together. Escape games, murder mysteries etc. help coworkers find strategies to reach their goals and objectives as they work together to find a solution which helps you later in the office. This also facilitates clear and effective communication, encourages creativity, increases motivation, and collaboration. 

Be smart while choosing your venue

While choosing your venue, make sure it caters to corporate retreats. It’s always good to make sure it has all the facilities and amenities that you need and has meeting rooms and dining areas and bedrooms to fit all delegates. 

Figure out your budget

Think about your budget before you choose a venue. Do not choose something that exceeds the budget of the company. 

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