No Christmas is complete without a tree.  This age-old tradition started here in Victorian times and has become one of the most iconic images of Christmas. From elegant and classically styled trees to contemporary and chic designs, with a few dramatic and unique alternative options along the way, we love them all.

Take a look at some of the beautiful trees at our venues and be inspired!

For sheer simplicity and elegance you can’t beat white and gold …..

Christmas trees


Traditionally real candles would have been used and this tree is soooo traditional….



For something really different these peacocks are a really stylish alternative.



Ever thought of decorating your tree with people?



There’s nothing more welcoming than an outdoor tree….. or two.


This hallway really sets the Christmas scene.


For one of the most expensive trees you can imagine decorate it with jewellery!


Whatever your preferences let’s hope there are plenty of presents underneath it.  Happy Christmas!