More and more couples are opting to get married overseas in a location that’s either special to them already, or where they’re keen to make some memories on their big day, and stay for their honeymoon afterwards.

But having a destination wedding throws up its own challenges from an organisational point of view, so what do you need to think about if this is the route you want to go down for your nuptials?

Speaking to New Now Next recently, destination wedding expert Michael Radolinski offered some advice to any couples who are aiming to tie the knot abroad.

His first piece of advice comes when choosing your wedding venue abroad. He suggests that couples think carefully about not only what the location means to you, but also “what it conveys about your relationship with your future spouse to your guests”.

Mr Radolinski added that picking your perfect wedding venue is an opportunity to share something authentic about you and your relationship with everyone you’re inviting to be part of your big day.

Following this, the next most important factors to consider are convenience and cost. This doesn’t mean in relation to how much it will cost you to hire a particular venue for your big day, but more how much your guests will need to spend to get to your wedding and stay there for the duration of the event.

Making sure there are accommodation options across a range of price points is vital if you’re going to get the most positive RSVPs.

“It’s important to think about your guests’ experience from start-to-end, travel plans included,” Mr Radolinski asserted.

While your friends and family may be a little jaded from a long journey to reach your wedding venue, you can offset this by arranging something fun to do together the evening before the ceremony, for example. Just be prepared for people to arrive a little travel weary – but don’t worry, they’ll soon get into the swing of things.

Be prepared for some challenges when arranging a destination wedding, Mr Radolinski advises. You can, however, reduce these issues by working with a local wedding planner to take care of the finer details of your day.

Depending on where you’re holding your nuptials, you should also be prepared for cultural differences, ranging from menu options and the musical style of local bands to the way service is delivered. Embracing these can simply make your big day all the more memorable and special though.

One Canadian couple who chose to jet off to the Caribbean to get married in Jamaica a few years ago recently spoke to the London Free Press about why they opted for a destination wedding and whether they had any regrets.

Sarah Campbell explained that she’d never planned to have a destination wedding, but that it made the whole experience much less stressful – and limited the amount she had to do in advance of her big day.

“We had both families and everybody in our lives important to us, all together, which will probably never happen again,” she told the news provider. “In fact, a lot of people almost forgot they were there for a wedding. I don’t regret it at all,” she added.