While you’re sure to want to have an amazing time at all your work Christmas parties this year, it might be wise to avoid over-imbibing… or you could find yourself out of a job come the new year.

New research from AfterDrink has found that 65 per cent of people admit to drinking too much at their Christmas corporate events, with nine per cent either being sacked or facing disciplinary action after their work party, BM Magazine reports.

Nearly half of those asked admitted that they’d done something embarrassing in front of their boss at these events, while 21 per cent said that they had got into either a verbal or physical fight with a colleague or their boss! Some eight per cent even said that they’d voluntarily left a job after their Christmas party… perhaps not the way you want to start off 2019.

Founder of AfterDrink Pedram Kordrostami was quoted by the news source as saying: “Christmas work parties are well known for heavy drinking and doing embarrassing things in front of colleagues. It’s important to pace yourself when drinking, especially at work parties, where the results of being too drunk can have serious consequences beyond just dented pride.”

Of course, you want to enjoy yourself at your Christmas party but never forget that it’s still technically a business event so you should try and behave yourself as such. But by the same token, don’t spend all night talking about work – you’re all at the party to relax and have some fun, so leave business in the office if you can.

You could also use the event as the perfect opportunity to do a bit of networking and chat with people in other parts of the company that you wouldn’t usually have a chance to speak to. This is the perfect time to go up to the leaders in the company and introduce yourself in a professionally acceptable way – as long as you haven’t drunk too much, of course!

Remember that while it’s just one night and one night only, it still has the potential to impact your career progression and peer reputation in either a negative or positive way, all depending on how you behave yourself over the course of the evening.

Know your limits where alcohol is concerned and stick to this as best you can, even if everyone else around you (including your bosses) are getting drunk. Just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean you should – perhaps have a glass of water between alcoholic beverages so you can keep a fresh head. The bonus of doing this is that you won’t feel too bad when the morning arrives, either.

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