The living room is often considered the heart of the home. It is the place where the magic happens and where the memories are made. When you take peek into the living room you get a little taste of the character of the home. So, what’s your character? Show off your personality with these 6 interior design ideas for your living room renovation.

Victorian gold

There are some styles that are timeless, and Victorian royalty is at the top of the list. Visit your local antique shop to find some vintage treasures to decorate your home. Look for classic Victorian styles such as deep woods, floral curtains, embellished decor and add a touch (or a hefty serving) of gold. Become the Marie Antoinette of your home and let yourself eat all the cake. 



Create a serene and tranquil environment for your renovation by filling your home with color, even if it’s just one. Monochromatic is a great way to embrace a modern and elegant design that is adaptable and personal. The key to perfecting a monochromatic look is to commit to your theme. Choose a color that best represents you then flood your home with different shades and hues of that tone. 


Statement pieces

When your guests walk into your living room, give them something to talk about. A good statement piece can make the living room shine just as bright as you do. Invest in a piece that reflects you and your personality and let it be the focal point of your living room. When you start with a stunning focal point, the rest of the house magically puts itself together and grows around the center. 


Art collector

If we could see inside the mind of an eclectic artist it would probably look something like this. A world loaded with mixed styles, luxury pieces and always bursting with color. Imagine a posh, Kensington townhouse that embraces the original charm but puts its own twist and personality. Don’t be afraid of mixing and matching pieces and colors. If it sparks joy, make sure it stays! (Looking at you Marie Kondo.) 


Retro minimalism

I’ll take my living room shaken, not stirred. ‘Shake’ things up with this sleek 70’s design. Channel your inner James Bond or Bridgette Bardot and design a chic living room filled with dark woods, bold colors, geometric shapes. We the velvet emerald green sofa sitting on top of the white fur carpet and the color block painting with an all copper lamp. This combination of textured and materials is exactly the look we are going for.


Barbie World


Exclusive inside scoop! Here’s an inside glimpse of life the pop culture icon, Kylie Jenner. What we love about this lush living room is the over the top ‘pop’ theme. A pop icon using pop art with pops of color. The plush seating combined with the transparent acrylic coffee tables is in true Kardashian/Jenner style. This family is the epitome of glamour and luxury so it only makes sense to take a few style inspirations straight from their home.